About Me.

A passionate hard working individual who likes to learn new skills and to work on challenging projects.


I graduated from Bournemouth University with a 1st class degree with honours. This degree taught a wide range of skills from Programming, Game design & scripting, To 3D modelling, digital sculpting and texturing.

My main passion within the Games industry pipeline is within the Environment art and level design sector where my skills are strongest.

Below are some of the more predominant skills that I have developed on whilst studying at Bournemouth University :

If you wish to see more infomation about the technical skills please click on the "My CV" button to find out more.

What makes me different?

  • Won awards within my stay at Bournemouth university for both Modelling and game design.

  • talented in coding & 3D art especially environments.

  • Good team working skills from both my stay at University and from previous jobs.

  • Strong relationship with the gaming community due to being a streamer on twitch and having my own gaming community on Facebook with over 200 members.

  • A never give up mentality & a perfectionist.

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You can find these also on Linkedin.


Dr Christos Gatzidis
Principal Academic at Bournemouth University.

"Karl is a very passionate and dedicated student on his course; I have known him for years (and I am the co-supervisor for his final year project currently) and it has been great to see him grow his skills, particularly in the 3D modelling related areas of the games development pipeline, where both his strengths and interests overlap. On top of all of this, his great attitude and professionalism always shines through in everything he undertakes."


January 31, 2016, Christos taught Karl at Bournemouth University

Demitri Kambouris
Creative Director at BigKAM Studios.

"When it comes to 3D development and art, Karl is 'King'. His knowledge of the industry, his specialization and most importantly his work ethic make him well worth the hire. If your looking for a 3D developer for any project, Karl is your man! Great guy to work with!"


January 30, 2016, Demitri managed Karl at BigKAM Studios

Dr Glyn Hadley
Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University

"I have been teaching Karl for several years and he is a highly motivated and dedicated student who has consistently put in the highest level of work throughout his degree. He has a very professional approach and works well individually or as a member of a team. He has developed a very high level of skill in 3D modelling which he is continuing to build upon and will no doubt become an excellent 3D artist"


February 24, 2016, Glyn taught Karl at Bournemouth University

Dr David John.
Lecturer at Bournemouth University

"I have known Karl throughout his degree studies and have always been impressed with his positive attitude and enthusiasm for the subject. I am the primary supervisor for his final year project where he has been able to demonstrate his great talent as a 3D modeller and in organising his work. He is an eager learner and is tenacious in acquiring new skills. I am sure he will do well in his chosen career."


April 19, 2016, David taught Karl at Bournemouth University

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Karl Gosling.

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