Game Design and coding.

Strike-Force Bowling. Unity Based game.

This was achieved using C#, Autodesk Maya and the Unity engine. 


The assignment was to create a game of our own choosing that had realistic physics and multiple game modes within 3 weeks.


All the assets were created by myself.  I also had to create several C# scripts for the gameplay aspects.

Game features:

·         3 different difficulties

·         Bowling Pin Cam

·         Assets made for mobile (Low poly)

·         All assets made by myself.



Newtons Apple. Physics Game assignment. 

This was achieved using C# and XNA. The assignment was to create a 2D sprite based game that incorporates rudimentary physics in 2 weeks.


So with that in mind I created the theme around that as well. The theme was the Newton’s Apple tale.


The objective of the game is to bounce the falling apples onto Newton’s head if you don’t you lose a life if you do you gain points.

main features of this 2D game:

·         Leader board system & menu

·         score system

·         Animated sprites

·         my own Physics coded into the game.

Star Wars Falcon Defence

University assignment. 

The Task was to create a 2D sprite game based around a Sci-fi styled asteroids game we had 3 weeks to complete this.

·         This game was coded in C#

·         Sprites made in Photoshop


I decided to make a game on the popular Star Wars films and basing is around the scene where the falcon is within the asteroid field trying to escape the empire.


The game has 5 levels as well as a scoring system, shooting mechanic and a final level boss which is a star destroyer.

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