Research Assistant Work.

Skills used:
  •        Unreal 4 engine & blueprints.

  •        3D Modelling & texturing.

  •        Game design.

  •        Coding & Scripting.

What was tasked in the project?

For the position a had to create several digital artefacts in six weeks these will later be shown on their website for anyone to see.

  • A Web GL educational game with a marker system and historical information ques. This was in the time of when the roman farm was in use by the occupation of the Romans.

  • A visualisation of the Roman farmhouse before the arson attack and after the attack in modern times.

  • two videos one being a day to night video of the farmhouse being built. and a fly through video of the whole farm area.

  • A both of the visualisations needed to be optimised for Web GL and tablet based applications.

What was the project?

After Graduating from university I managed to secure a research assistant position. this involved creating a visual game experience that provides historical information about the Upton country park's roman farmhouse.

The farmhouse was burnt down due to an arson attack early last year and the Upton country park museum wanted to create a Web GL based game that teaches people about the history behind the farmhouse.

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