Top 5 games I'm looking forward to playing in 2016.

So since its still right at the start of the year and there are loads of great titles coming out this year, here are my titles I am looking to the most this year and why.

1. Xcom 2

The level of excitement I have for this game cannot be contained. I love the first reboot of this franchise and the trailers and reviews on this game set it up to be my game of the year.

I love turn based strategy and combat as well as researching and building your own base.

For me this one ticks all the boxes and I simply can’t wait to get my hands on this.

2.Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

The only Game I have paid and pre-purchased this year due to it being a Christmas present. the sequel to a game I played and streamed a lot of whilst in my placement year.

The game is all out bonkers and fun so this is way up on my list of games I am looking forward to.

3. Doom 4

Took part in the closed multiplayer beta last term of university and really enjoyed it. I have loved the doom series since I was a boy and wasn’t allowed to play it due to my age, that didn’t stop me from sneaking downstairs and playing on my dad's PC when he was asleep.

This is a big title for me and cannot wait to get my hands on the level editor too. CAN’T WAIT!

4. Outlast 2

The first outlast was a breath of fresh (and slightly disgustingly horrifying) fresh air when it came onto steam. It was a proper survival horror game and was genuinely terrifying.

The sequel is out in the fall and I will be streaming this for you all to see hopefully on my twitch channel.

5. Layers Of Fear.

I have the unfinished early access game on steam already, and I loved it and wanted more. The full version of the game will be out soon and it will be a simple update onto the version I currently have but even then I can’t wait to get more of the previous formula.

If you haven’t tried this yet give it a go it’s scary not in an outlast way but more in a psychological way.

So that’s it there's my top 5 let me know what’s your top 5 you can Facebook comment below or send me a private message. I will do my best to have a read my email is shown at the bottom of this website.

Thanks for reading.

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