Why I think Far Cry Primal will be one of the best in the series yet! (Opinion)

Being a massive fan of the Far Cry series and seeing the new direction its going excites me.

The fact that it’s steering away from its usual characteristics of being a shooter based series for me can only spell good things and I am now going to tell you why i think this one will be one of the best in the series.

1. No competitive multiplayer.

That’s right this latest instalment will not have any competitive multiplayer in it. This to me is good because the last two instalments felt like the MP was just a quick bolt-on, they felt clunky and to be honest simply not needed in the final product. I would of been happy to have more single/co-op based content and more DLC to boot.

Hopefully without this being in Primal this will mean that the single player will have more interesting story content and hopefully just more of it that you can also do with four friends.

That’s what I loved about the other games and will probably continue to spend most of my time doing that again in Primal.

2. The setting.

So the setting in this one is WAY different if you already haven’t noticed, no automatic weapons, no vehicles, just you and Mother Nature and the fact that you at the present stage of human evolution are not the top dog just yet.

The game takes place just after the world’s ice age and when man was just starting to learn to be a top level predator. Your tribe was wiped out and you are its only survivor so you need to grow your tribe once again to survive....Sounds cool doesn't it.

Im hoping there will be some sort of weapon crafting system in the game where you have to maybe make your own spears, bows etc.. even maybe armor to be able to survive against the animals and the habitat.

One thing I do know that is in Primal now is the ability to tame pretty much most of the animals in the game and you can have them as a companion which is going to be awesome.

This part for me and I am sure for you aswell is the most interesting part, the fact that you can do that too with four freinds too makes it more interesting too. I only hope that the animals are much harder to kill than in previous reditions of the series.

3. Breath-taking visuals.

In my opinion this looks to be one of the most impressive visually yet. Some of the trailers I have watched and gameplay videos on YouTube make the game look seriously impressive.

That being said Far Cry have always had a long line of visually stunning games with open world gameplay, this one sets to be very large in the open world category so it will be interesting to see how it looks on the console counterparts. Obviously it will look best on PC as most games always do but I do think it will look very impressive on consoles too.

Those are just three of the many reasons why I think this Far Cry will be one of the best yet. If you feel otherwise please feel free to comment on the Facebook area below. I will be more than willing to hear others opinions and views on this game. Also give the Video links a look at too.

The game releases on the 23rd so if you are looking to pic this one up let me know which platform you will be getting it on thanks for reading.

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