Update on my Final Year Project.

Well I haven’t posted a progress report on my project because I have been working really hard on making the buildings for the main base of East Boldre.

As you can see above I have completed that task mostly (apart from the texturing) and not one of the buildings poly count being above 1000 polys except for the water tower.

Why is it important you say, well the New forest park authority would like to use this visualisation on iPad’s as well as websites. Which means I have been working like crazy making the different buildings as such a low poly count.

Luckily this has been achieved (even though is doesn’t affect my project much) and now I can move to the important part which is implementing a navigation system and reward system ready for my experiment.

If you look below you can see the reference image i have worked from to re-create East Boldre and then mine as is current state in UE4.

Hope you like it guys and thanks for reading.

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