Warhammer 40k Modelling.

Warhammer is something I have done since I was quite young. It has always been a keen hobby of mine mainly because I like that it drives you to be creative when painting and creating the models but also because it has such a large and rich universe. 


I mainly Collect Space marines and the Grey Knight factions within the 40k universe but I also like some of the other factions as well such as the Tau and Orks.


Not only do I play the 40k table top game but I also read some of the published books and play some of the RTS games such as Dawn of war 1 and 2 as they are very much like playing the table top game itself.


Warhammer is one of those Geeky types of hobbies that I will always enjoy and it really gives me some ideas and creative thinking especially when I think about game projects or creating assets for games.

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